A Philosophy of Testing 2: Idiomatic Scala and Testing

Favor Types Over Tests

First of all, Scala is strongly typed. While it isn’t absolutely perfect, you can go a long ways to restrict what values can go where in your code by using more-precise types for your fields and parameters.


One of those “Scala idiom” details is:

Favor Immutability

Another central element of idiomatic Scala can be summarized as:

Idiomatic Scala is Different

The key point here is that unit testing is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Folks tend to assume that testing is testing, and that the same principles apply regardless of the language you are working in. But that’s just not true.



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Mark "Justin" Waks

Mark "Justin" Waks

Lifelong programmer and software architect, specializing in online social tools and (nowadays) Scala. Architect of Querki (“leading the small data revolution”).